Finally P-day!! It’s been such a long week but at the same time it’s flown by. It’s a bit annoying as my next p-day won’t be until Friday next week! So you will need to make sure that you send me letters or use Dear Elder to send them. I’m the only one yet to receive a letter so hint hint. My address here is (the mailbox is 169).

2009 N 900 E Unit 169
Provo UT 84602

My journey over here went so smoothly. My dilemma about watching films was solved for me as it didn’t work! When I got here 3 other sisters had been in the same situation and none of their screens worked either…

Amanda picked me up from the airport, we went for food at a place called Hires… so good! Then we went to Walmart to pick up some stuff. Before coming to the MTC we went to a place called Kneaders for french toast. Best. French. Toast. Ever. Was wonderful to see Amanda again.

MTC life is crazy! I’m so tired but I’m still loving it.
My body isn’t enjoying America I can tell you that! My eczema is really bad up my arms, on my back and legs. I’m guessing the dry weather, change in environment and toiletries has made it worse. I also have some on my chest! I told my zone that I’m allergic to America. Their response was that I was allergic to freedom. My body isn’t liking the food too much and there is a severe lack of vegetables in the canteen. But shockingly I’ve been working out at the gym! Sister Galgani (from California) has been my personal trainer and has really been pushing me so my muscles ache! During gym time we go to the gym… I call it a sports hall but whatever… and upstairs there’s a track that goes round the hall and it’s got a load of exercise equipment up there too. Anyway we were trying to run a mile, I got a bit too into it and ran straight into a weight machine. I have a wonderful trophy bruise to show off now though – I’ve attached a picture. I don’t bruise easily so you can imagine how hard I ran into it. But it’s fun to wind up Sister Fiso by telling people she did it to me when they ask about it.

The girls in my district are wonderful. Sister Lytle is from St George. She’s barely turned 19. Apparently she fasted and prayed to go to Temple Square. Quite the opposite reaction from me! Sister Galgani is 20 and from Cali. She’s really cool and level headed. Sister Wog is a 19 year old girl from Oklahoma. She injured herself first day at gym so she’s found it quite difficult to settle in. Sister Black is 19 and from Farmington Utah. She is amazing! And reminds me so much of Becky, always making me laugh with her quick quips. Shes the only one not going to Temple Square- she will be going to Washington DC and will be part time visitor centre. And then Sister Fiso is 23 and from Brisbane. She’s the best companion. Very eager!

So I’ve been learning so much. It’s great to be somewhere where you can always feel the spirit. It’s hard to explain what lessons are like but it’s a lot about learning how to understand people and how we can apply the gospel to them and how it can help them, how to introduce doctrine and the book of Mormon and stuff. Our teachers are really cool and they really know how to get the best out of us.

We’ve been teaching 3 investigators. 2 of them are actually our teachers who are pretending to be investigators they met on their mission. So we are teaching Zach who is meeting with us because he wants his children to grow up knowing God and his wife is a less active member of the church. We always feel good after the lessons but it’s hard to actually know how we’ve done! We are also teaching Kyle. He was in an accident 6 months ago, doesn’t remember much of his life before but has read the Bible twice since coming out of a coma. (dramatic hey? but it’s a real story!) He already has a testimony that Christ is his Saviour so it has been great to teach him as he is quite accepting of the gospel. He has already committed to baptism (so has Zach but its hard to read how he’s feeling about it as he won’t tell us!!). It’s been wonderful to study and have them in mind and to prepare the lessons. It seems to give it so much focus to my studying.

Our third investigator is Joy. She is our TRC – I’m not sure what that means but it’s our “real life” investigator. Basically they are all paid actors but only about 15% of them are not members of the church. They are usually playing themselves before they joined the church. So Joy is probably in her 60s. She’s quite an inspiring lady. At 39 she started mountain climbing and has climbed loads of mountains all over the world along with her husband. She’s lived in Provo her whole life but never been involved in church much. Her husband became disabled 3 years ago and he has begun investigating the church too but Joy wants to see the missionaries separately. Each time we have prepared the lesson and ended up doing something totally different as the spirit has directed us. The first lesson we taught the plan of salvation. We committed her to read Alma 36 as she doesn’t believe that Christ was anything but a good man. When we saw her yesterday she hadn’t read it so we basically spent the whole lesson reading it with her and getting her to talk about what everything meant to her and she seemed quite touched by it. I’m excited to see her again tomorrow.

We have had 3 devotionals while we’ve been here. The first was with Elder Martino of the seventy. He talked about member missionary work and how vital it is. He shared the story of Alma and Amulek and how missionary work was successful when the member (Amulek) taught with Alma. It really made me realise the value of member misisonary work so get involved! Be the Amulek for the missionaries! Second devotion was with Shane Littlefield who works at church headquarters and is the one who sits with the apostles when assigning mission calls! He talked about the importance of being teachable. After that we watch an old MTC devotional by David A Bednar titled ‘Characteristics of Christ’ I’d really recommend that you read it. It was wonderful and made me want to strive to have the characteristic of Christ and turn outwards instead of inwards. Last night’s devotional was by Elder Evans of the seventy. He spoke about how we’ll be called to defend our faith and how we need to be prepared. He was basically briefing us on how to react on questions about marriage, sexuality and other family issues. He focused on the Family proclamation to the world. I didn’t get much from the talk as it was happening but afterwards on reflection I realised that it really didn’t matter what I think, it matters what Heavenly Father thinks. He has given us the doctrine on this through revelation. He set the rules a long time ago and that doesn’t change.

It’s really hard to write quickly and I’d love to go into more detail but it’s hard. Hope everyone is well back home and missing me like crazy! Please pass the email on to family. I havent got time to reply to emails i’m sorry!

Love you,

Sister Orndal xxxx

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