Argh I have 30 mins so have to write like crazy now so I can get it all in! So I sent you a load of pictures. I haven’t sent you captions for each but all the girls pictures are from visitor center training! And pictures from when I first arrived at Temple Square. Unfortunately I’ve not had much time for more pictures and I don’t have one of my new companion yet!


So today is day two on Temple Square and it’s going well. I already love it!! And it’s P-day so at least I’m not having to wait ages again to check my email.
So this past week has flown by and I actually can not remember what I wrote last!


On Saturday afternoon we went to Temple Square. When we got there we were paired off with a sister from Temple Square and basically went to the Square to talk to people and went to the TC (teaching centre) to do some chats. I was assigned with Sister Bonvissuto from Italy. She was so much fun. She even bought me dinner as she wanted to save me from MTC food which was really sweet. It was a good day as I got a referral both from a chat and from a visitor. Not much has come from either but we’ll see. So the last few days at the MTC was more training on how to teach using history and resources. Quite helpful really. We also did a lot more chat which was really good. Only problem with chat is that some people use it to be hateful and abusive. Or to try and knock your testimony by telling you things that are not true or that are exaggerated or just completely out of context. We spoke to one man who didn’t believe in marriage because of 1 Corinthians 7 and basically it seemed his whole faith was fixed around this chapter. The conversation progressed and he was saying how he felt that people shouldn’t know about the suffering that Christ went through for our sake. He thought it would be better to not let people know and just let them be happy as knowing would make people upset or guilty. I expressed how I felt it was vital for us to understand what Christ went through so that we could understand the Atonement and how it was for us. Christ’s sacrifice is central to God’s plan for us and without it life would be very different. Those feelings of upset and guilt are signs that we need to Atonement in our lives and that we need to come closer to Christ and repent. I’ve thought a lot about repentance these last couple of weeks. I think sometimes I am guilty of thinking repentance is just for serious sins. Things that I’ve actually done wrong. But the fact is that repentance is all about returning to Heavenly Father and aligning our will with His. Repentance is all about turning and returning to Heavenly Father and turning from things we shouldn’t be doing (like not studying our scriptures!). It’s always a cycle and not something we need to wait to do!


Sister Fiso learnt some Spanish from a Sister who joined us in our district. She just kept repeating the 5 phrases/words she learnt over and over when we were going to bed. We turn the lights out and we hear her whispering the words she learnt over and over. After a while Sister Lytle says “Is Sister Fiso praying in Spanish?!” Everyone burst out laughing. Apparently she was just repeating everything to herself so she wouldn’t forget! Anyway, the next couple of nights she told us “Buenos Nachos” despite us all telling her it was noches. You’ll be happy to know she now says Buenas noches.


So my trainer is awesome! Seriously could not have asked for a better one if I had prayed a million times! She’s called Sister Tiritilli from California, she’s 20 and is just awesome. I can already tell that she’s a hard working missionary and I hope that it rubs off on me! I know there is a lot I can learn from her. I already love her! She’s so loving and caring and I can’t wait to spend the next 6-12 weeks with her!


Our flat is just a short walk from Temple Square – we are sharing with another companionship….. Sister Bonvissuto & her companion! The flat was a mess from the last sisters that lived there so we had a clear out and have now all unpacked. The sisters here move every transfer so that is one way of keeping it fresh!


We had Relief Society this morning at 7:45 – it’s like church back in your day Mamma, church during the week! And P-day began at 1 so we haven’t had much time to do much as we have had study time and some meetings. But I’m excited to get stuck in tomorrow. I’m seriously excited.


Sorry for the short e-mail. I ran out of time and the pictures took a life time to send. Next time I’m not doing as many!!
Manne 1 Manne 2

Sister McKenna and I!

Sister McKenna and I!

Manne 8 Manne 9 Manne3 Manne4 Manne5

Sister Orndal xxxxx