Message from Sue – Sorry for the delay in posting this. I had computer issues!

This week I have bought my self a Norwegian PMG (Preach My Gospel) and triple. I’m determined to get passed off in Norwegian. What better time to improve my language then on my mission where we are blessed with the gift of tongues.

So I realised I never told you something exciting that happened at the MTC – Elder Holland came! I think I told you his son Matt Holland was speaking about Joseph Smith and I was in the choir. Well his dad came along to support him and spoke to us for 5 minutes to introduce his son. Although he was speaking about his son the things he said were still applicable to us. The thing I like that he said was to put your priorities where your covenants are. When we do that things fall into place. I know that blessings come pouring out when we keep our covenants and that we will be even happier. When Elder Holland walked in you could just feel that he was a man called of God. So many times we teach people about Prophets and they always ask how we know. I just wish that they could all feel what I felt that moment.
So cool story. We were giving a tour to a couple from Wigan. It was going really well. One thing Sister Tiritilli and I have been blessed with is that pretty much all our tours will mainly be teaching doctrine as the people we meet want to know. And even if they don’t at first you can see their hearts soften! Anyway we are talking about he have a Prophet and apostles just like Christ’s church in the Bible. And we walk into the Tabernacle and someone is practicing their talk for that evening. So we are like “And yeah speaking of which – here is an apostle, Elder Neil A. Andersen”. He was giving a devotional that night and was doing a sound check. 
Lots of good things have happened this week. We’ve really seen the Lord’s hand in this work how he is guiding us places and how he has prepared people. It’s so comforting to know that we aren’t alone in this work and that we always have the Spirit to guide us. We were in the assembly hall on desk duty and this guy walks in. He’s acting a bit odd. But I just felt the spirit leave and kinda telling me to leave too. He’s acting a bit oddly and starts asking us questions about whether the assembly hall was built to be a temple and saying he was here to see the architecture but he clearly wasn’t by the things he was saying. Sister Tiritilli asked him some questions and he said he was a member but was less active as he had issues with the church. He asked if we were familiar with a scripture in Alma – we looked it up and it was about a love of riches. He basically started ranting about the church’s investment in city creek and how our fast offerings only help the needy and really it should be the other way round etc. He began likening the conference center to the great and spacious building. Thankfully security had been there the whole time and asked him to leave. So we were safe!
One day we were in the assembly hall covering for someone when this woman walks in. She had been a guest lecturer at BYU. She was an artist. We decided to give her a tour even though we were covering desk and we were able to teach her the restoration. She kept agreeing with everything we were saying and then she was saying how she could really feel the spirit here on temple square. She was just so awesome and you could just see how she had been prepared with all the things that had happened in her life. She agreed to have the local missionaries come and was so keen to read the book of mormon. She said she felt as if she was supposed to be here at temple square and that she was supposed to run into us. The feeling was totally mutual. Unfortunately we have been unable to get in touch with her yet but I will keep you updated.
We’ve done a lot of phone contacting this week. I called a girl yesterday who someone had referred at Christmas time but no one had called yet. I rang and we had a good talk and she said she is going to read the book of mormon! We’ve also been speaking with a woman called Janet in South Carolina who has been seeing the missionaries on and off since 1963. She’s moved all over the US but the missionaries still find her and she always gives them a home away from home. She says that she may be baptised in Oct/Nov when she comes to Utah so we are trying to help her get to that point. She’s the same age as you Mamma! but 4 foot 11. She says the only issue she has is she’s not sure she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet… but she considers herself Mormon already. Only baptism is missing! We also have been speaking to a guy called Baby Ray. Yep that is his name and he’s also from SC. I can hardly understand him his accent is that southern. But we put him on date for baptism today! 
Yesterday we ran into a sister who used to serve on Temple Square (she said she was here the same time as Zoe but I don’t remember her name!) and it was strange because we were meant to be somewhere else. Anyway because we had been speaking to her we ran into another guy who was less active. You can see how hard he is searching for answers. And he says he is getting them but he doubts himself sometimes and wonders if there even is a God. There was a random RM that joined in with us and it was such an awesome discussion. He’s agreed to see us again on Saturday. The bonus was he had the cutest little puppy with him! It’s funny because the night before we were planning for the next day and we decided we wanted to meet someone on the planters who needed to come to know God. And that’s exactly what happened. We were sat on the planters speaking to him and more than anything he needs to know God again. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I love that on Temple Square we are always teaching people. People don’t realise how much we actually do teach on temple square. I am yet to take a history only tour. We get to teach the restoration multiple times a day.
explained many a time why I feel and have changed the way I am but things only seem to change on my part. It’s just frustrating but I’m sure it will get better! 
I already know that a mission is one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. The joys that I feel when I see people being moved by the spirit makes it worth it. I’ve never known the gospel to be truer. You really do see God in action here. 
We had a morning of exploring this week too. We looked around the conference center, went to the 26th floor of the church office building and top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We also went up to the capital and spoke to a character who was running for president. He was a bit weird but it got even weirder when he talked about how he was going to bring back the S word and starting saying all these swear words to us! Yep we meet all sorts of people here. The weather has been beautiful. I’m loving the sunshine!!
Please let everyone know that we can teach people all over the world here and that if anyone has someone they want to share the gospel with we are more than happy to contact them!