OK, so for the update of this week! On Friday we went to the Temple at 6:30, luckily it’s only a 2 minute walk away! Live sessions are different! But good. The temple is so beautiful! In the celestial there were like 5 couples waiting for their turn to be sealed. It really is a conveyor belt at SLC! We went to get breakfast after and someone bought it for us! His daughter is currently serving in Leeds. After that we had zone conference which was really good and motivating and a reminder of how intense temple Square is!
So everyday we plan what type of people we want to meet. On Saturday we had 2 – a family that needed to see God’s plan and a single middle aged man who needs answers. We don’t particularly seek these people out but we study for these type of people. Anyway we met both of these people. A woman from Canada came in with her niece and nephew. Her niece was 20 and joined the church in November along with 2 of her younger brothers (parents aren’t members), the nephew was 7. The woman, Emma, was not a member and was visiting her sister in SLC. They had come because the niece really wanted Emma to see God’s Plan for his family (It’s a series of short films about a family and you go room to room). At the end Emma was crying and just saying how beautiful it was. The spirit was so strong and you just knew that the spirit was testifying to her. She took a Book of Mormon and we are going to call her when she gets back to Canada. We also met a guy (also from Canada) who was atheist. He had so many questions and we were able to talk to him and get him thinking about some stuff. He referred but we haven’t had any response yet. It’s such a blessing to see how the Lord prepares us through us seeking that inspiration while planning. I don’t know if I told you about Ryan last week. He’s a less active who we met on the square last week. We had written the night before during planning that we wanted to meet someone on the planters  who needed to know God, and that was Ryan.
We saw Ryan again this week. He missed our appointment on Saturday as he had a death in the family but he came in on Tuesday night. We were assigned to TC desk but he found us and it was quiet enough for us to be able to speak to him and his friend Zach. We realised that Ryan already has a testimony of the gospel. He knows everything but he knows too much. He needs to learn to trust in the Lord and make those changes he needs to but we can’t do that for him and so there’s not much we can do for him now. So his friend Zach is basically someone he’s picked of the street, quite literally. Zach is 19 and got out of prison recently and his mum basically told him he’s an adult now and needs to fend for himself. He said he wasn’t going to disrespect his mum so he left. Ryan has kind of taken him under his wing. They met in Walmart at 4am one night this past week. Zach is also less active and asked for a Book of Mormon as he had been going to church while in prison and wants to turn his life around. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a number or an address for us to be able to keep in touch so hopefully we’ll see him on the square again.
I can’t remember if I’ve told you about Joy? She’s sooooo wonderful! I love being able to speak to her! She was baptised before but had removed her name from the records after a dispute with her husband and bishop (nasty divorce). Sister Tiritilli had met her on the square and Joy is being baptised again but we don’t know when yet as its a bit complicated! We are just waiting for confirmation! It’s so good to see how the gospel has blessed her. She just moved to North Dakota from Utah and has slipped straight into life there with the help of her new ward and the peace she is finding from the gospel.
We served at the Humanitarian Center on Tuesday. We only had one tour but it was amazing! Because we aren’t actually assigned to HC I didn’t actually lead any of the tour as I never learnt to info so Sis Tiritilli did it all. It was two guys. One was a man from Utah who has been doing a lot of humanitarian work in Ethiopia. The other man was his contact in Ethiopia. 10 years ago the church put a well in his village and they have also been supplied with wheelchairs and stuff through the humanitarian work of the church. But it was just so humbling to hear about the conditions that they lived in before and how reliant they are on the things that charities provide. As a result of that well being put in 10 years ago, the majority of that village now have running water in their homes. Such a contrast to when they had to walk 6-9miles to get it previously.
We had the last of our explore time this week. We went to the church history museum and the relief society building. Some pictures are attached.
We’ve had some problems this week with our phone systems and so we haven’t been able to make as many calls and make as many appointments as we would have wanted which is quite disappointing. But we’ve had quite a few golden chats so we are looking forward to getting in touch with them again this week.
Ted is adorable! Can’t wait to meet him and I’m gutted that I can’t hold him 😦 But I’m loving the pictures I’m being sent!
I love you all
Auntie Sister Orndal xxxxx