Temple Square is looking beautiful these days as all the flowers are blooming! I’d show you pictures but I’m kinda not allowed. This week has been so busy. It’s really just all merged into one. I even have to refer back to my planner to try and remember what we have been doing this week and who we have been teaching. There isn’t any big moment this week that stands out to tell you about! We went on exchange with the zone leaders on Monday. It was a nice change. I actually quite like exchanges as it’s always a new experience and I learn so much about what would help my own companionship.We also had an exchange yesterday – I was with the district leader’s companion who doesn’t talk so it was quite a learning experience of having to lead everything! Sister Tiritilli teased me and said it was preparing me for training as that’s what it can be like a lot of the time!
It’s been quite a quiet week on the teaching front. On Sunday we found out that 2 of our investigators went to church and are now meeting with local missionaries which we’re really excited about. It’s just awkward when other missionaries start teaching as we really don’t want to step on their toes and we are no longer the primary teachers. But it’s good to be able to provide that support. One investigator we committed to baptism, Austin, also went to church and we are hoping he has now set up a meeting with the missionaries there but we haven’t had a reply to our text yet! He’s on date for 29th but as teaching has been slow it will probably be later as he’s only been the church once and we haven’t got past the restoration! 
So last night on chat we spoke to someone who was saying they wanted to learn more and agreed for us to send local missionaries. So he gives us his address, we look it up on lds maps and he belongs in our ward. As in Manchester South. He gave us his number to call right then. So we call but we get no answer. As it was almost 2am in England we decided that it must have just been a prank and we were calling some random number to get people annoyed at 2am. We decided not to pursue it as he knew we were calling and didn’t answer. So we didn’t even add him to our online area book. Just as we were leaving I decided that I better just jot his number and address down.  I was trying to get to sleep last night and I just couldn’t. I was just thinking about this chat and that I shouldn’t give up. Sister Tiritilli couldn’t sleep either (other reasons) so at 11:30 I’m telling her that I think we need to call this guy again and she agreed. So hopefully we manage to contact him tomorrow or we can get the missionaries to go. I’m just a bit conflicted as I don’t know if I’m just excited as it’s my home ward or if the spirit is actually telling me to call! I just think it’s too much of a convenience for that chat to come through to me!
On Sunday we had Scandinavian meeting – basically all the scandinavian sisters get together and talk in their native languages! It was really cool, all the sisters are so nice and it’s good to know I’m not as terrible at Norwegian as I thought. I can not understand Danish though, not one bit. 
We’re less than two weeks before the end of my first transfer! And we have another busy week! The square is getting busier as the weather is nice most days now and as conference is coming up!
Anyway I can’t think of much else to write about! We have zone activity today and we are watching frozen! Yay for disney. We watched Best Two Years last P-day so we are quite spoilt!
All the Scandinavian sisters here on Temple Square – Sisters Isaksen, Lunddahl, Jensen, Nilsson, Eldenberg, Stigsson, Back, Lampien, Bomgren and Aagren.