Hola! Mi nombre es Hermana Orndal. Yo soy en Inglaterra. Mucho gusto. Como fue eso?

My new companion is Sister Penalba from Panama! She lovely and we have been taking lots of Spanish tour so I have been learning bits and pieces so that I can take part! It’s a whole new skill as she translates for me so I have to listen to her very carefully telling me what the people are saying while looking at the person speaking so that I look interested. She’s really good at it and I can tell that she is a great teacher already. So although I haven’t moved zone or district, I have had to move flat. So we have 3 different apartment complexes. Each can be described to the degrees of glory. I was living in a terrestrial apartment and now I am in a telestial apartment. I was hoping that if I had to move it would be to the celestial apartments but no such luck. The thing that is nice about it though is that it’s bigger and it’s in a house instead of a complex so it doesn’t feel so much like dorms. But it’s a further walk away and up a hill 😦 I’ve attached pictures of our old apartment and will send the pictures from the new one next week. It’s a mess because we were in the middle of packing and cleaning up. 
Doesn’t matter too much as we don’t send too much time there! But our housemates are cool though. They are Zone Leaders of another zone. Sister Ellis from Singapore and Sister Howard from California. 
So this week again hasn’t been the most productive, mostly because Sister Tiritilli has been getting ready to go outbound. And our one appointment fell through. As it’s been transfers we haven’t been able to get back into things as we are still adjusting. But I’m looking forward to how things will be this transfer.
Transfer conference was so nerve wracking. I was really nervous about who my new companion would be. We find out on Monday and then pack and get ready to move on Tuesday night. Sister Tiritilli found out on Monday that she was going to the New York Utica Mission. She was excited to go but I think it hit her before she left how much she will miss Temple Square and everyone here. We took her to the airport on Tuesday at 3:30am. So quite an early start for me! It was a strange day as I was companionless and was just jumping from companionship to companionship! 
So as you know I’ve started seeing quite a lot of people I know! I was studying with some sisters on Tuesday night when Sonny Donaldson appeared at the window! Earlier that day Amanda and Stacey turn up. It was soooooo good to see them. Today we got a call for a tour and when we got there it was Chris Donaldson. We also took another general authority’s wife on a tour – Sister Podvodan (i think that’s how it was spelt) from the Ukraine.  While taking Chris around I saw Ruth and Christian Turner – didn’t get to speak to them but hopefully will bump into them again! Oh and I saw Elder Bednar out shopping with his wife on Wednesday. As I said before we took quite Spanish tours (all members) and the spirit on these tours is sooo strong! I don’t know what it is about Latinos but they are just so much more open and willing to share their testimonies. Guaranteed they all cry before the end of the tour. 
So just a day and a half until conference! I feel a little bit nervous and excited. I just don’t know what to expect! I will be going to the Saturday morning session so keep an eye out. Did you see the temple square sisters at the Women’s conference? They showed them on screen a couple of times. The mission only got 100 tickets so the sisters in 1st/2nd/3rd transfer didn’t get to go. You can see Sister Tiritilli on screen when they are singing the chorus of I am a child of God. But as I was in a trio I was in Guest Services (answer the phone calls) so I got to watch it live at least. 
Anyway, I hope I have more exciting news next week! My feet hurt. My back hurts. It’s freezing at the moment (love my coat btw!). But I love love LOVE being here. I don’t love it at 6:30 in the morning but I don’t wish I was anywhere else. I never want to take for granted that I am serving here at Temple Square. Even if we are taking out a huge chunk of our day tomorrow to do catering for the general authority training….