Sue says: apologies for not updating this for a few weeks. I am repenting and will bring them up to date soon! Pictures will follow! Thanks to those friends who reminded me of this sacred responsibility! (Please don’t tell Manne!)

It’s p-day again! I don’t think time has ever flown by as quickly has it has this transfer. I don’t know why but I kind of hope it doesn’t keep getting faster!

So we got some big news on Sunday! Remember that I told you that Bill was finally going to church? I was worried how he would progress as he didn’t want to set a date for baptism and wouldn’t do it unless it was his idea. We spoke to him about a date and he just wouldn’t say yes or no. Just that he would keep going to church. On Friday we had a really good lesson with him on Friday all about the Saviour and what he has done for us. We shared the ‘Because of Him’ video with him. We committed him to pray about a baptism date and if baptism was what Heavenly Father wanted for him. Well we text him on Sunday and asked him how church was. He texted back saying it was great but he had some bad news and good news. The bad news was that he didn’t take a picture as proof (like he did the week before) but the good news was that he has chosen a day for his baptism!!!! Bill is getting baptised on 10th May!

We met Jose on the square on Saturday. It was SO awkward. We met a guy on the square and we talked to him for a bit as he was preparing a talk and so we discussed his topic. We end inviting him to be a member present at our lesson with Jose (he served a spanish speaking mission) which he accepts. We had really struggled lately to get member presents and we wanted Jose to know there were normal people in the church and people who care. Anyway, Saturday comes round and the member present texts and asks if he could bring his brother who also served Spanish speaking. No problem. Then before the lesson Jose tells us he invited the local missionaries along. So they turn up and they have brought along a member as well. So basically there are 4 missionaries, 3 members and little Jose. And they all speak Spanish except me! So I didn’t contribute much because the situation didn’t allow me to. But I felt like it was the first day of my mission again where I have no clue what is going on, I don’t know what to say and I’m so nervous about it the one thing I do say is so STUPID and I spend the rest of the lesson wondering what possessed me to say what I said. Anywayyyyy, despite that all Jose loved it. And he is on date for 3rd May. We are doing all we can to support him – his family is catholic and he’s worried how they will take it. But we are seeing him again on Saturday!

So I was absolutely heart broken the beginning of this week because Shauna has not been answering the phone. I spent days wondering what I did wrong, what had happened, what had she read online. I decided that we better text her as we’ve had no response to calls and the e-mail. She text back straight away saying that her family is all sick with the flu and her past week has just been filled with looking after sick kids. She said that she wished she lived closer because she grew up in a tight knit church community and missed that since moving to Dallas and being on temple square was the first time she had felt that peace a connection since. So I invited her to attend church this Sunday. She said she wanted to learn more first but that she wanted a Book of Mormon. So I invite her to have the local missionaries come. She declines again! Arghhh I just want to help her so much to have that spirit in her life every day and I don’t know what it is I can do to help her do that. I already know that Shauna will most likely be someone I will always remember from my mission and who I will stay in touch with, she is so special. It’s one of the hardest things as a missionary to just trust in the Lord and allow people to have agency. I hate agency! But then again I hate Satan too.

We have a couple of potential investigators and so we are working hard to see how that goes. Still upset because Cabie (from NZ) hasn’t been in touch and she was on date for 10th May. I’m just praying she is still meeting with local missionaries. Cool story from yesterday. When I was in the last week at the MTC I took an inbound call for someone who wanted a copy of the Bible. I sent it with a Book of Mormon and local missionaries but never followed up as there were always other people to call and he didn’t seem all that interested. Anyway I called him yesterday and he tells me that the missionaries did come round and that he is reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon each day. He isn’t meeting with the missionaries anymore. We talked for quite a while about the importance of prayer and I share Moroni’s promise with him. He just thought it was wonderful. He had to go and said he didn’t have time to pray on the phone. Today I have a long voicemail from him saying thank you for helping him on his journey to come closer to God and that he is sorry that he didn’t allow me to pray, he wished he had. He had said no to going to church but in the voicemail said that he might go now as he knows that he can get a lot from it. So we’ll see how that goes!

In other news, we went to music and the spoken word on Sunday. Unfortunately I only got to hear the choir’s performance of the Messiah as I passed by on our way to the teaching center. But they performed ‘Hallelujah’ during music and the spoken word and it was wonderful. There is nothing like hearing the choir and orchestra in the tabernacle. I mean they were good at conference but nothing compared to the tabernacle!!

Love you lots,
Sister Orndal xxxx