So transfer conference was on Monday. dun dun dun. And I hope for little change and I got A LOT of change! Sister Peñalba is training this transfer. Well I’ve moved zone from South 2 to South 1 which means p-days are now on Friday! New zone leaders who are awesome and I was already friends with. And my district leader is one of the hardest working missionaries I know! I was quite upset to leave my last zone because I love my old zone leaders so much but I guess it’s just new opportunities! I also have a new assignment – Guest services and bread winners! So if anyone ever calls temple square, it could be me that answers the phone. There are like 8 companionships that do it. We basically take all the calls and schedule tours, motor coaches and investigator lessons and then find sisters to do it. It’s quite cool although it does take us away from other missionary work for 3 hours on the days we have GS. But if it’s quiet we can still take chats and send e-mails or study so that is a bonus! And bread winners…. It’s our job to go pick up the bread on Wednesday mornings that Kneaders give us (basically bread that is out of date…). It’s not an official assignment but we’ve already renamed it from “Can you pick the bread up on Wednesdays at 7:45am?” to “Bread winners” so, making the most of an opportunity there.
My schedule has also changed! Instead of having studies in the morning I know have them at the end of the day. So we have to get up at 6:15 and then be on the square at 8am. Then we go home at 6:45 for personal and comp study and then bed by 10:15. I don’t know if I like it…. It’s obviously nice to be home early and I think I study better in the evening but between 6 and 9 is when we meet a lot of people who really need our help. but I’ll see how this transfer goes!
Oh and new apartment! I’m back in DA…. AKA Temple Square dorms. I forgot how noisy it is there. My apartment feels so small in comparison to my last one. Our roommates are Sister Wilhelm from America and Sister Hirro from Philippines.
Sister Diaz is so cool. I’ve always thought that she is a little crazy but in a good way! She is in her 5th transfer, I can’t believe I’m already in my 3rd. She was with Sister Andre last transfer. But we’ve had our first tours and lessons together these past two days and they have been some of the best that I’ve had on my mission so I’m quite hopeful from this transfer. We have both said we want it to be our most fun but most successful transfer. Still going to be teaching spanish and doing spanish tours but Sister Diaz really wants to work hard on being balanced in teaching. She’s always had American and English companions so I guess she’s been getting practice! I’m sad because Sister Peñalba has kept pretty much all our investigators except Shauna but as she was the spanish speaker she had more of a connection with them (even if I was the one who found Jose!). But Bill is still getting baptised on Saturday and we are going to be watching it via skype!!!! So excited. My first baptism!
So we are currently teaching a guy who is called Francis from Nigeria but he lives in Colombia. He seems eager to learn but then we got an e-mail from him yesterday saying he wants to learn because he wants to become a minister and hopefully this is something he can do in our church. We had to talk to him about that so I guess we will see what his intentions are. Hopefully he will have read from the Book of Mormon before we speak to him tomorrow!
Sister Penalba and I took a motor coach tour of 20 tourists from UK this past week. It was so much fun. It was both of ours first ever large group tour. There were so many who were saying things like “Oh I have a neighbour/colleague/friend who is mormon and they were like this or that” so I guess we never realise what type of effect we can have on people, so make it a good one!
Sister Curtis, one of the senior couples, came to me and said that she met someone who knows me last night and that they want to take me for lunch! Turns out it is Sister Hopkins and she was good friends with Sister Curtis’ sister. So maybe I will get to see her soon! She mentioned about them being called to NY.
I saw Grace Findlay this week on the square too, she was the coordinator at the last EFY I did. So lovely to see her!
There isn’t really much else to say… It’s been an eventful but equally uneventful week!

Meet my new best friend/companion, Sister Diaz from Argentina!

She's super fun and we are super mature together.

She’s super fun and we are super mature together.

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I was winning for a little while... I forgot to take a picture of the end score! But I didn't win. But no bumpers! 

I was winning for a little while… I forgot to take a picture of the end score! But I didn’t win. But no bumpers!

With Sister Richardson and Ferguson at Zone Activity. We went to a burger place called Iceberg and the milkshakes were massive! So good and so unhealthy!

With Sister Richardson and Ferguson at Zone Activity. We went to a burger place called Iceberg and the milkshakes were massive! So good and so unhealthy!