Well, this week has been busy but it hasn’t flown by all that much. But it’s still been a really good week. I love my companion! Sister Diaz is so great, she is so relaxed and is happy to just go along with things. It’s great to have a companion where what you see is what you get and not have to wonder what she is actually thinking about everything. She makes me feel so good too. She isn’t afraid of telling me when I’ve done a good job or what I did well. It makes me feel good and finally good to hear from someone that I’m doing an alright job! We laugh so much. We have companion study in the evening and we are both usually exhausted by the time we get round to it and she just sounds more and more spanish as the hour goes on. Also we’ve had many discussions about the Falklands. Never say “I don’t really care” about the Falklands to an Argentinian. She makes me laugh with her craziness. I found her mourning on the sofa on Wednesday night as she found out her favourite football team, Rosario Central, had lost the Argentinian cup.

We were able to watch Bill’s baptism on Saturday. It was so awesome! He was so happy and it was so wonderful to be part of it all. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to be a small part in his journey. We also had another baptism on Saturday but neither of us had taught her, she had just been transferred to us from a sister who had gone home but it was still exciting to be able to speak to her on Monday and hear all about it. We had Elder Clarke come and speak to the mission this week. He is a really good speaker as we were with him from 8:30 until 3:30 and we didn’t get bored. He told us that they only sent exceptional missionaries to Temple Square – he is from the missionary department. I learnt to much from him and how I can be better day to day as a missionary and how I can really let this mission change me for the better. I took my first tour in Beehive house this week – first time I’ve even seen the inside of the place. It looks so interesting. But we were covering so Sister Diaz did all the talking as I know nothing about the place! We’ve had so much guest services this week and although I like it sometimes it would be nice to be on the square.

We saw David Archuleta on the square. The sisters were getting so excited. He was there with his friends. He is so short! Oh and I almost forgot – I was found myself a husband this week. Sister Diaz and I are walking and this guy who is about 5’2” stops right in front of us so we start talking to him. I ask him what brings him to Temple Square. He looks me straight in the eye and says “Why don’t you tell me?”. Both of us are so confused and offer some suggestions. He then stares right at me again and says “I am here to find my wives”. We ask if his wife is here and where he last saw her. He says “I’m here to find my wives. I don’t know who she is”. Sister Diaz just laughs and goes “Well go ahead, don’t let us stop you. Good luck!” But he’s still staring at me. He starts talking, mostly mumbling, about voice control centres and how we just need to tune in and how his voice control centre told him to come here. Then he stares at me again and says “You hear the voice too. You heard it for the first time yesterday. About 3pm” I’m creeped out and Sister Diaz is trying not to laugh and we make our excuses to leave. He tells us he accepts us both as his wives. A little later we see security talking to some sisters, they had called them because the man had said similar things to them. So security come and speak to us to find out what happened when he spoke to us and turns out when the security guy went to ask him to leave he refused because, well, he was god. So security told him he had to leave or he would we arrested for trespassing. This guy, who thinks he’s god, tells him that he’s fired and leaves. SO BIZARRE.

So we hardly have anytime in the teaching centre which means we have to make the most of the time we do have! So we have been e-mailing so many people and calling so many people. I finally got a reply from Cabie (who we had been teaching in my first transfer) and she told me that she was basically only interested in the church because she was in love with a guy who is a member of the church who said he won’t marry anyone who isn’t LDS and she’s only interested in changing for him. I haven’t replied yet.  I was able to get in touch with a lady in Essex who has met with the local missionaries and gone to church since I last spoke to her. She is 52 and works a lot and is really looking for something that is missing! One of her missionaries is Sister Wen who is from the YSA ward! We found a new investigator this week called Sam who seems like a good potential. He is a single father of 5 boys – his wife left him about a year ago! I invited him to be baptised if he finds out for himself it’s true and he said yes! So I had this investigator called Marie who I was about the drop as I wasn’t getting an answer ever and I was making my last phone call and she answered! And she was in dire need to speak to someone. She has had a hard life and is just in desperate need of some hope in her life. I have requested the local missionaries to visit and she has a really good LDS friend who is helping her. I am excited to speak to her again.

Jacque is doing so great. Since I first met her, her countenance has just changed. She just has this new light in her eyes that just gets brighter each time I see her. Just shows what a difference of finding an answer for yourself makes! When I saw her 2 days ago she just says “I know Jospeh Smith was a prophet. I know he restored the gospel” When I asked her how she knew she said she finally prayed about it and everything changed. Good news yesterday – a less active I met in my first transfer is putting in his mission papers in on Sunday!!!!! He was really struggling when I first met him as he was having a hard time and didn’t feel like anything he was trying to do was working. We talked a lot and I saw him every week as he came by temple square after work. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks and gave him a call yesterday and left a message. A little later one of the sisters tell me he is on the square! So exciting!

Anyway, that is all for now.